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Mark, Thanks for the tip with the chains, I do have chains and weights already as I have the dozer blade attachment for my machine.

In fact I'm getting ready to push some dirt around later today. Thanks again for the assistance with the snow thrower! I did have to modify the old brackets for the dozer blade, but now am able to switch between the snow thrower and blade just by pulling pins. Thank you for letting me know you can use both attachments.

I will be able to give this information to other customers that want to use both attachments. Having the same type of proplem with mounting, both my units are older but in great shape. Trying to mount a model Snow Thrower to a model Tractor.. I know, I need a kit for mounting but they are no longer listed.. Thanks for any help I am sorry you are having this problem. I have checked for the kit and you are correct, the kit is no longer available. The manufacture of the snow blower is out of business. Most of the parts for the snow blower are no longer available.

If you are handy, you might be able to fabricate the needed mounts. Hi Mark- I just bought a Craftsman model- I would like to install a snowblower attachment on it. Either model or Is there an adaptor kit that I can purchase that would make it possible for one of these 2 snowblowers to fit on my tractor? From what I've been told, my tractor is actually an MTD series, and all Bercomac snowblowers, and snowblades will fit it with the right adaptor kit.

But Bercomac products are way too expensive, and I can get a very good deal on a Craftsman snowblower. There must be a way to make one of these models fit on my With the proper weight in the back, 13hp Craftsman tractors with a 40" Berco attached are blowing snow with ease. And that attachment weights lbs. Thanks very much for your help Dan bercomac.

I have looked up the model number you have submitted.

At this time, we do not offer a snow blower for the tractor so I cannot tell if the snow blowers have the same main part of the snow blower. Getting one of these snow blowers to fit you would have to fabricate all of the mounts.

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You can call the manufacture of the snow blow to see if they offer a kit at this time for that model tractor. The number is Please let me know if you need further assistance. Mark, you seem to be the know all do all of these snow blower issues. Sears emailings have been less than useful. Ive purchased a new in box snowblower. I dont have a tractor yet but want to get a tractor that this blower will mount on. So which tractors or series of Tractors can I buy that will work? The fit most tractors from to The is the snow blower that took the place of the Our books do not show if the older snow blowers will fit our newer tractors.

I recommend looking for an older tractor. Once you find one you like let me know the model number and I will look it up for you. How do I know what year the tractor was built?

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Im looking at a 46" V-Twin. Hi Bart, if the model number under the seat starts with the number then the first six digits of the serial number are the month, day and year of manufacture. I see. But Im shopping online. I cant look under the seat. Im trying to get one from the Sears outlet. Should I give up on that?

Lowe's July Coupons, Promo Codes and Promotions

What about other tractor brands that Sears might sell? Bart, the V-Twin model is a perfect match for your Ok so if this is true then Sears needs to update the spreadsheet on the link attached Whats the dif between the and ? Looks like only a couple of brackets and the rear weight? If I need those brackets I could just swing by sears and order those parts right?

Correct again Bart, the extra set of brackets were included for several new Craftsman tractor models last year. You can see that the replaces the in all previous models:. Thanks MadGolfer. My approach will be this - Use manual to assemble blower to new tractor. Mark off and order whatever particular brackets I may be missing and order them from Sears parts department.

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The fit up chart says to use but I can get a 38 much cheaper Thanks for your time. I have a similar question, only 8 yrs later. I have a Craftsman GT tractor with the 25hp Kohler engine. We can buy a new in the box, scratch and dent and found the adaptor kit available locally. It would appear from this thread and from the description of the , that it should fit our tractor. I want to be absolutely sure before we drive miles to pick up the snowblower.

Anyone still out there that can answer this?

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3-Stage Snowblower - 24" - Yellow - 277 CC

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