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September 5, Updated 19 Apr This comprehensive list of free samples for baby and mummy is as of September Cetaphil — Baby Wash and Shampoo: cetaphil. Mustela: www.

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I requested for free samples at their booth at baby fair. Suu Balm — Moisturiser for Kids and Adults: www. Gift Packs Delivered by Insurance Agent : www. Personally, the gift pack items were not worth our time with the agent. Free Printables for nursing mothers: www. Sensi: www. Others There is no free sample for Goo.

Pay a small token for the starter pack of Pee-Ka-Poo. PetPet and Diapex are only available for Malaysia address.

Free Baby Samples Singapore

If you are thinking of trying cloth diapers : baby. Aptamil : www.


Like this: Like Loading More importantly, it contains high amounts DHA that will be transferred to my LO through my breastmilk - very important for brain development! However, every mummy is different in terms of preference and needs - I have friends who prefer Anmum as they have a separate Prenatal and Postnatal formula. So, before making the commitment to something, it's always good to have a preview of what's available in the market.

Which will bring me to my next tip. Review: I like that the milk powder came in a tin for ease of storage, and there's a diaper sample which I really find useful more on diapers later. I found I could reuse the tin for my other stuff as well, haha. The milk powder itself mixes well and tastes neutral, which I appreciate because I'm not really a milk drinker before pregnancy.

Nestle's maternal milk offering is probably my 2nd favourite of all the brands in terms of taste and ease of mixing, but it's slightly buttery tasting so now that I feel I'm gaining too much, I get more peace of mind with Dumex :P Oh, in the Mummy Bag, you do get recipe cards for you with ideas on how to "spice up" the vanilla milk flavour, as it does get boring after a while of drinking the same thing. I'd review that when I get it in future. Review: For my Maternity Kit, I did receive a few Similac Mum samples, along with a erasable board fridge magnet for little notes, some vouchers, and a Classical Music CD which I'm really excited about!!!

As for Similac Mum, I find the taste a little too milky and cloying. It's also slightly harder to mix if the water is not warm enough.

The List Of FREE Samples For Baby Singapore 12222

I'd drink it but it's not my first 2 choices. Review: Enfamama's chocolate milk tastes quite good and it's a nice change from the usual vanilla. Review: I detest this. The milk mixes badly and tastes of chemicals.

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To help us parents have more choices on top of the varieties of milk powder already in their stores, FairPrice is also making available better value milk powder before the end of June , so watch out for it. NTUC members get additional price discounts off Aptamil.

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The gift sets will contain an educational, interactive and memorabilia item each. With Carousell or FB groups making it so much easier for parents to communicate with each other, you can even try exchanging your items to those in the other 2 versions.

Thereafter from July until March , up to 66, gift sets may be produced for eligible parents. Graphic: Free diaper samples Drypers.

Similac® Baby Formula Coupons, Free Samples & More | Similac®

My personal favourite is Drypers diapers because once they know how old my baby is, Drypers will send me free samples of the next bigger diaper size with a free educational toy included. The New Age Parents parenting website Singapore has a dedicated Contests page where they give away freebies such as attraction tickets, baby products and items useful for parents. If you find this article useful, do click Like and Share at the bottom of the post, thank you.