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What is it why? By the time I became very upset and told him it was a combination of things and that I wanted a cancellation number. He also before I could get done speaking it was offering other products for free.

I kept repeatedly saying I do not want anything else and he would not listen and kept talking like the first person did. He also ended the conversation. So I decided to call my credit card company. I gave her a rundown of what I went through and she called the company with all three of us on the line. Their tune completely changed and they said they emailed me a cancellation letter which I did receive. She noted on my counter if they charge anything else it will be fraudulent. If you do you have an issue, I recommend not wasting your time by calling the company and just call your credit card company if you need help.

What a waste of time for a product that I do not believe was marketed well since you can get the ingredients to the burn HG a lot cheaper through other vendors. As far as the customer service, they are a complete joke! Do not purchase from this company! It is a scam!

Lazada Coupon Code - Use BDO Card Along With Voucher & Get EXTRA 12...

I did not even receive the package and was billed. When i called for a refund because I never received the package, they told me to take it up with the postal service. I asked for a supervisor, the rude salesman on the phone said he was the supervisor.. Horrible people, total thieves! Save yourself the money and hassle! They will take your money and you will not get it back!

Do not purchase these pills!! Total scam!! I was not able to tolerate these diet pills. I called today to tell them that I now have 2 unopened bottles that need to be returned and refunded and was told they do not accept returns nor do they offer refunds. When I told him that their website said otherwise, he said that was only for the full year program not to the monthly installments. Also, the packages show up with nothing but a bottle of pills in a plastic envelope, no packing slip, no account number, no phone number, nothing.

When I signed up it clearly said to call and cancel before a certain date. I started seeing results so I decided to give it another month. I continued that month and decided to call and cancel. They were very polite and did not give me any trouble cancelling. Now I regret cancelling because I just finished the last of my supply yesterday, so I have decided to reorder. I do agree on the part about no packing slip, no phone number, etc.

I gave them my name and my zip code and he pulled my account right up! I also got taken from dietspotlight. Did not know how to return. Got my surprise when my credit card showed Called and after a lot of bull was offered Doing a dispute with the credit card company… Will also complain to there BBB.. Do not buy anything from this company , not at all a reputable company. I ordered a free sample of Burn HD. I checked my card statement.

If they do not refund the charge I will be contacting my credit card company stating fraudulent charges. This company is a scam! Ordered a free trial from them and they started charging me monthly! When I called them they were the rudest customer service people I ever talked to! They refused to give me my money back and gave me some BS about me agreeing the be charge in there terms and conditions which I went through.

If i knew they would charge me monthly, i would have never purchased. After doing research and reading reviews about this company, they have been scamming everyone! They claim they send you the terms and condition in the free trial but i got nothing and even after asking them to email it to me, they still wont send it.

Miracle Skinny Drops Coupons & Coupon Codes October | Discount Online

Seems pretty suspicious to me. Did absolutely nothing! So you are aware I also got caught in this scam. I ordered the tester pack and then cancelled the unexpected plan by phone I still have a record of the call in my phone log when I found out about it when the product arrived. Money however was debited from my account sometime after this and more produce sent which I think is stuck in customs anyway as I did not order it!

I spoke with customer services again today and the guy I spoke to sounded similar to the guy I spoke to previously. He was very difficult to speak to and suggested today that maybe the call I have proof of was me waiting on the phone and then I gave up as never got to speak to them. When I was on the phone with them for that first time he confirmed that the order was cancelled. This time he said I should have been sent email confirmation … which i obviously was not.

Luckily he sent cancellation confirmation to me today now he has my money. My bank is investigating. This product is a scam called and canceled like many others and they still charged my card upon contacting them they were extremely unprofessional on the phone and ended up hanging up on me. Currently working with my card company to cancel transaction. Do not try this product.

This is a SCAM!! When I did take this it upset my stomach and I felt like I drank 3 cups of coffee. Its a shame companies like this are not out to do the right thing and instead look for ways to scam you. I called customer care to say that I did not like the sample because it made me physically ill. The customer service rep was very rude and does not let you get a word in. When I finally got to speak to tell him I wanted my money back he said there are no refunds because they cannot resell the productt.

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Well I have exactly what is on the website right below the day money back guaranty. I told them that I have a confirmation when I bought it from their website. They told us no refunds. Save yourself the frustration and do not buy! DietSpotlight Burn…what a bogus pack of unethical people. Took ONE pill. I too was taken in with try another 2 week sample.

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I canceled twice and I was told it was cancelled. I will keep an eye on my card. I also gave a heads up to my credit card company and the name of the company.

pl.dycamowijaqa.tk So if there is a dispute, the card company is aware of the fraudulent activities. I just happen to fall on this site as I was researching this product further. The above comments have fortunately made me run away fast with credit card safe and snug in my wallet!

Do not order this product. It is simply an aggressive laxative with no nutritional benefits. This company is a ripoff.