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Playing a lot of sweepstakes can make it hard to keep up with all of your entries. We get it.

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With so many sweepstakes to enter, you may lose track. But, due to the high rate of sweepstakes winner scams out there, it is really recommended you find a way to keep track of your entries. To prevent this from happening and you falling victim to any sweepstakes winner scams, find a way to keep track of your sweepstake entries.

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There are many ways you can do this. Such as using a free program like Google Sheets and creating a spreadsheet. Did you know that in the United States it is illegal to play or win sweepstakes in another country? Did you know that in the United States it is illegal for you to enter or win any lotteries in other countries?

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So, if you get an email saying you won a lottery in another country, this is a sweepstakes winner scams. Was your sweepstake win email filled with a lot of typos and grammar errors? You could be dealing with a sweepstakes scam. Since most prize notifications come via email, carefully inspecting any sweepstakes win email you get is a must.

News, stories and media buzz related to Julie S Freebies

Because let me tell you, scammers are getting super clever when it comes to creating phishing emails. Anyone can make a mistake and send an email with a letter out of place or a grammar error or two.

Companies who send prize notifications are going to double-check their emails before they send them with multiple errors. We promise, if you won a big prize, they are going to address you by your name. Small businesses that run sweepstakes may only be working with a free email address from Google and Yahoo. Large companies who sponsor large sweepstakes are going to send emails from a company email address.

Warning: Scammers are even learning how to spoof email addresses of major corporations. With some sending them as if they are directly from the actual company. Then there are some instances where they will change one letter or two from the real companies name.


is julies freebies legitimate

Read over any possible sweepstakes win email you get very carefully. While sweepstakes win is exciting, businesses must still remain professional. Sweepstake players, be aware of these red flags that could mean a sweepstake is a sweepstakes winner scam. Since , the Arkansas Times has solicited suggestions from readers and a variety of experts on how to make Arkansas a better place to live.

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